“Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink”

Not less than a year ago Chennai was facing a huge amount of water scarcity in most part of the City. Long queues of tanker lorry across neighbourhoods became a common sight. Families in rural areas had to survive with only three pots of water a day. The improper allocation of resources towards saving water made it more unbearable and made us realize that the crisis was pretty much man-made.

This evoked some serious questions amongst us. So should we start conserving? If so, how to do it?? The answer is very simple. That is to invest in a proper technology which can do the work for you. This is where the automatic water level controller and the water level indicator come into scene. A simple water level indicator with a buzzer system indicates you when the tank is full with a loud buzz and LED indication and the sensor automatically stops the water flow preventing the overflow of water.



The automatic water level controller comes in a wide range of models as per the requirement of the customer. Water level controllers and indicators are available both fully automatic or semi automatic. The fully automatic one is mostly preferred because there is no need for individual attention towards it. Plug in and forget the water tank management! Sounds cozy right? Cuz it is! This water level controller and indicator automatically turns on when there is not enough water in your overhead tank and turns off when the level of water gets filled up.

If you are concerned about the water level going down or drying up, this one is for you. The product has Dry run protection and surge protection which will immediately sense the water level going down and fill it up automatically.

The most attractive part of these water level indicators is that they are wireless. The circuit is portable and wireless and simple. The special sensor MDC SS306 present inside these water level controllers indicates the person about the water level in their tank as well as their sump. Considering the operating System of High performance and Low power with 8 bit micro controller, the product’s Current consumption is 6W along with current rating of 30A which is pretty good.

This water level controller has a dimension of 175x165x63mm. The body material is made up of ABS Plastic which helps in heat resistance and shock absorbance. However the product requires an Input voltage of 240VAC, 50Hz or 440VAC for three phase areas.This weighs about 450 gms which is much lighter than the water controllers available in the market. This is very much useful for several Domestic households, Hotels, Hospitals, Educational Institutes, Commercial buildings, Industrial automation etc.

Advantages of the product are:

  • LED indication
  • Dry run protection
  • Adjustable sensor
  • Reasonable price
  • Time and electricity saving
  • Controlling seepage problems
  • Increase in the life of pumps
  • No need of manual handling


We cannot create water. All we can do is try to not waste it and save it when the nature offers us. Creation of such low cost automation proves is absolutely necessary to invest in such a product as it helps us to make our lifestyle easier along with consumption of most valuable resource of the planet.

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