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Sump to overhead tank controller

This model is used for water pumps with an operational power capacity of more than 1HP. It has inbuilt power ON-OFF relay with 30A power capacity, and hence it is suitable for all kinds of pumps used for domestic and industrial purposes. We offer this model in single-phase and three-phase to suit all types of pumps.

User-friendly Operation on Sump to overhead tank controller

It contains a floating switch sensor device that will work on the ground or the bottom of the water pump. A level probe sensor will be used to turn the motors on and off in response to various setting levels.. The water level will be controlled by ultrasonic level sensor components. As a result, they used circuits, sensors, resistors, and semiconductors that were specifically programmed to control all types of motors.

Ktronics - Sump to overhead Tank Controller

The product created an automatic controller for the water level in the sump. When the water overhead on the tank or sump, it the controls motors and indicate to you by the LED light with a buzzing sound.

When the water level falls below a certain level, the motor turns on, and when it rises above a certain level, it turns off with a fixed level point. These are advanced digital technology micro-controller founded products. This method is quite adaptable. There are also custom made take-ups such as control of pumps or tanks as multiples.

Special Features

It controller and maintains the exact level of water.
Dry run protection will manage the flowing water on the tank.
The power maintains with the voltage surge supply.
The mode of manual setting will operate the whole process automatically.
LED indications for the level measurements as high, normal and low voltage power supply.
Mute option used to acknowledge the dry tank with buzzer.



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