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Water level indicator

Ktronics introduced a device to indicate the water level in the tank instantaneously. It alerts you by a pleasant sound when the tank water level is empty or full. So customers can operate the water pump concerning tank level. It is developed using advanced technology with user-friendly operation.

User-Friendly Operation in Water Level Indicator

Water level indicator circuits are used in factories, chemical plants, and electrical substations, as well as other liquid storage systems.. There are many potential uses for this easy system. For example, its monitoring contains the control pump activation that will be helpful to protect in rainfall detection and leakage detection.

KTronics - Water Level Indicator Specifications

KTronics controllers are specially designed for water level control and level indication ideals. It is developed with ease of use of mind, fit for all types of motors, and simple and easy operations. LED light display in front for level indications and operational functions. Our controllers are created with the most advanced microcontroller loaded with efficient programs. It uses less power for operations and provides more accurate performance. Alternative current-based sensors made with SS316, and fully automated operation will provide a long life.

Special Features

Easy LED front display will help controller water levels indications within fours stages such as 25, 50, 75 & 100%.
LED indication for power ON.
The new control will minimize fouling and damage.
You can easily find the tank is empty or full with 'alerts' of pleasant buzzer sound.
Sensors made by SS316 provide long life.
It protects walls from the overflow of water in the tank.
Soft-touch Mute button to acknowledge buzzer alert.
Alternate current based sensing technology provides anti-scaling.
Rocker switch for power ON.
Save money by limiting the waste of water and electricity with the help of a water level controller.



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