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Ktronics is an ISO certified factory of water level controllers and level indicators. It started in 2010 to conserve resources such as water, Energy, and Time. Our manufacturing company unit is located in Chennai and is an established supplier of water level controllers around India. Our company aspires to satisfy customers by delivering High-quality equipment with good service, in this way we have an ultimate position in this field.

Our product design product satisfies customer needs with the help of knowledgeable and experienced engineers with professional skills in electronic control systems. We understand the client's needs and work harder to produce the best water level controllers and indicators in Chennai with customized technology. With technological advancements in recent years, we are currently expanding and creating the best Automatic water level controllers in Chennai at economical prices.

Our water level controller design is to meet the demands of Industrial, Domestic, Commercial, and Agricultural requirements.

Our main aim is to satisfy customers by providing top-quality equipment and good service. We are the manufacturer of Water level indicators, Semi and fully automatic water level controllers, Controllers for Iron removal plants & Water softeners, and Timer-based controllers for water-constrained areas.

It equips our manufacturing unit to supply a maximum number of productions; customers believe our products for quality, durability, and user-friendly. We stand as the prime brand name for client choice.

We at Ktronics support the development of automation and technology in agriculture too. We are the leading water level controller company in Chennai. Our goal is to increase the engagement of technology in resource consumption and to save by making it more affordable and more accessible for laypeople to understand and utilize.

Our water level controller fits both pumps and opens well submersible pumps with the help of switch control. It can be any tank, either cement or sintex. We at Ktronicsprovide a one roof solution for controlling all kinds of water pumps, including regular pumps, starter pumps, compressor pumps, Jet pumps, and many more, making us the top water level controller manufacturer in Chennai. Our manufacturing unit locates in Sholinganallur, which gives us the privilege of creating the best quality water level controller in Chennai.

Simple Water Level Indicator with a Buzzer

A simple water level indicator with a buzzer system that relays gives an opinion in assistance to a run panel to show whether a body of water has a high or low water stage.

Some water level indicators use a join up of exploration sensors or float switches to wisdom water levels.It describes to partner the negative of startle and led to a negative terminal of the battery, and the ruled and fright goes considering quotation.

We acquire a massive buzz after the tank gets full and a led indication. If you have any questions about studying this project later, you can comment on me.

Wireless Water Level Indicators

Ktronics, which has the power to innovate with a unique idea, specializes in making wireless water level indicators. The system's functioning defines the circuit of the wireless water level controller in Chennai, Tamilnadu. The maximum range of the course is up to 6000 meters without anyone doing it. It can use anywhere to get an alert about the required water level. The circuit is portable, wireless, and simple from the pestering of wiring. It can help make alerts about the water tank level indicator and pools.

We have developed a unique method to control multiple pumps in a single system, such as Sump and bore pumps.

Meeting Client’s Requirements
Ktronics knows our client's requirements well because each the customer has different perceptions based on their needs. Previously, we gathered information and solved our customer's queries with technology to fulfil our services to the customers. We built promising with a clear explanation about our products and their features. Our water level controller manufacturing with innovation and most beneficial for the minor places to massive places to control the water wastage.
Deliver Superior Products
Ktronics are more attentive to product quality. We manufacture the product with high technology in a user-friendly manner. Our business practice is to understand the customers while building and delivering superior quality products—the water level controller is high tech quality with many expendable features. Its controller controls water wastage and saves your time and money. Special features of LED lights, manual operations, and dry run protection will help you more.
Provide the Best Service
Ktronics will satisfy the customers with what they require. Our services are available for houses, apartments, schools/colleges, hospitals, companies, agriculture, factories, etc. Our designs water controller to set all kinds of fields. So our customer services are more customisable way. We attentively work for the customers with our unbeaten services will hold you on our products. We respond quickly to the customers and solve their problems personalised.
Clients Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is more prominent; Ktronics services and products will satisfy the customers. We measure each client's necessities and provide the services in a determinable way. We increase their hope in us with colossal quality and customisable products for their regular usage. We rate the products, but we receive the ratings from the clients with our best services.
Quoting Reasonable Price
Ktronics outcomes are highly protective, and our manufacturing products are water level controllers and IoT products. We stated the quote with the standard prices for the potential buyers, and it will speak for the quality of the products and their usage. The product's warranty with services for the products based on problems will solve with our basic terms.

our Happy Clients

Our product results in water-saving as it controls water overflow and requires less electricity usage, reducing the electricity bill.

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13, Plot No.49, Ground Floor,

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Chennai – 600096.

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Ktronics Automation & Controllers,

13, plot No.49, Ground Floor,

2nd Cross Street, Thirumalai Nagar,

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