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Single Motor Double Tank Controller

This model maintains the water level in Two water tanks with a single phase. It automatically switches ON and OFF the pump if both tanks get their maximum water levels. It automatically controls the water pump and maintains the water levels in both water tanks. While the pump is turned on, it scans both tank water flow conditions.. It provides Dry-run protection to the pump to maintain level indications for each tank; that is, it shall indicate the tank's low level and high level in the front display of the controller.

User-friendly Function on Single Motor Double Tank Controller

The simple procedure includes an automatic ON and OFF feature.. The quantity of water in the sump is confirmed when the tank level is low. When the tank is full, or the sump is empty, a motor can standard on/off switch, making it ideal for an electronic starter. Ultrasonic level sensor components will check the water level in both tanks. These will configure to control many motors, circuits, and other devices.

Ktronics - Single Motor Double Tank Controller

The KTronics controller designs use for water level control and indication. It is created for ease of use, is consistent with all types of motors, and operates in a user-friendly. A front-light LED display shows level indications and operations. Our controller has a cutting-edge design with the most advanced microcontroller loaded with efficient programs; it consumes less power and supplies more exact results while utilizing single phase for both tanks.The current-based detectors deliver a Long-life because SS316 is an entirely automated technique option.

Special Features

The dry run protection structure observes your motor and water level.
It has two methodologies on has manual operation and auto operations.
Evolved embedded technology offers a long life to your motor.
Inbuilt voltage structure to shield the high and low power consumption.



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