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Dry Run Timer

Conditions such as sufficient water are not available in any source water bores, so this standard of operating water pumps up to water flowing to an overhead tank.The water flow stops at the overhead tank due to the unavailability of water in the bore. The controller controls the pump, waits for a specified time, and again switches ON the pump to supply water to the overhead tank. This cycle shall continue till the overhead tank becomes full.This provides easy operation of fewer water source pumps and saves time and frequent monitoring of tank levels. Dry run time and wait times are different; the controller should stay for a predefined dry run time, 120 seconds at ruin. Once the dry run state is allowed, the pump shall be kept OFF for a predefined waiting time defined by the client.

User-friendly Operation on Dry Run Timer

It's an entirely automatic water level controller that has been specially invented for motor pumping water to the tank instantly. It provides absolute dry run security for your motor. The system is highly dedicated to a dry run timer because the magnetic float sort level with the detector will allow finding the water level condition. And also, it contains the specified time duration process to verify the water availability.

Ktronics - Dry Run Timer

KTronics controllers are designed for water level control and level indication purposes to fit all types of motors. LED light front show for level indications and operational processes controllers are the most evolved microcontroller packed with practical programs.

Special Features

Water level controller for motors pumping water to overhead tank direct supply line.
It provides completely automatic operation because it is made with SS316.
Motors will protect by placing the timer in a dry run timer.



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