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Bore well Automatic Water Level Controller

Bore well automatic water level controller is invented in a way that allows it to form automatically. It operates a motor that ensures a continual supply of water in a storage tank. These bore well automatic water level controllers are used to automatically fill and check the water level in the aloft tank when it starts or becomes empty.

User-friendly Operation on Bore well Automatic Water Level Controller

Bore well water level controller provides the complete operation with exact systematic functions. The bore well pump level below it will automatically fall ON and generated the process. When the pump fills with the water, it will automatically OFF. 

Ktronics –Bore well Automatic Water Level Controller

The intelligence features of inbuild will aid to control manually. Our controllers are invested with the most advanced microcontroller loaded with efficient programs. It uses less power for processes and provides more accurate execution. Alternative current-based sensors assembled with SS316 and fully automatic operation provide long life. It has multiple intelligence elements like level indication, Auto/Manual mode operation, dry-run protection, voltage surge protection, voltage level signs and Fill options, etc.

Special Features

The product mainly focused to control over the functionality and had to start manually and stop the pump with all those uncomfortable methods.
It is a unique device set up for all kinds of pumps and motors.
It contains long-life sensors and does not require frequent cleaning or replacement.
It makes the operation of this pump for users to keep easily and use comfortable and without the worry of leakage.
It consumes a low voltage circuit to avoid the polarization of electrodes in water.
It contains less weight and is safe because it's designed with plastic.
We developed this system to reduce the leakage of water and save your time and money.
The mode of auto setting will function the whole process.



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