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Triple Motor Controller

This model is suitable for "three water pumps operating" to supply water to the overhead tank. But one motor performs initially and following functions after the deactivation of the first pump. These two water pumps operate based on predefined timers. The first pump shall be used for its predefined time and switched OFF once its time completes, and shall work the second pump for its predefined time. This cycle shall continue until the overhead tank becomes full and the two pumps' operational cycle routine is on the water level. Pumps operation cycle shall initiate when the overhead tank level becomes minimum level and switch pumps OFF if the overhead tank level becomes its maximum level.

User-friendly Operation on Triple Motor Controller

It controls the water level in the sump and tank while functioning and can handle with a triple motor sequential timer. This sequential timer will operating cycle begin when the tank level falls to the minimum level, and the pumps will go OFF.

Ktronics -Triple Motor Controller

Triple motor controller water level controllers are a handy process that uses quality are, completely authorised components. This technology indicates the level of water in water tanks and pumps. It uses significantly less power for operations and supplies more accurate performance. KTronics professionals thoroughly inspect products to verify their flawlessness and perfect quality.

Special Features

It has a dry run safety feature that keeps track of your motor and water level.
Inbuilt voltage structure to save both high and low power usage.
It has two processes: manual operation and automatic operation.
The compact size and product design will simplify installing a water level controller.
Thanks to advanced embedded technology, your motor and pumps will last a long time.
A triple controller will save water and, time, money.



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