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SBC : Sump and Bore pump Controller

The exclusive model is designed to supply water to an overhead tank from both Sump water and Bore water. One pump is enough it will work for an instance. Initially, a sump water pump is operated to supply water to the overhead tank. If the water in the sump goes below the foot valve level, the sump motor switches OFF and activates the bore motor supplying water to the overhead tank. This one-of-a-kind mechanism maintains a sufficient water level in the overhead tank. Even if the bore water pump is running, the sump water takes precedence. If the sump water level reaches 50%, the bore water pump switches OFF and activates the sump motor to pump water to the overhead tank.

User-friendly Operation on Sump and Bore Pump Controller

A floating switch sensor device will work on the ground of the water pump. With the help of the electronic connection, you can turn off the motor accordingly time. A level probe sensor will be used to switch on and off the motors, therefore, to various setting levels. The water level will be maintained by ultrasonic level sensor components. It will be programmed specifically to control all types of motors using circuits and so on.

Ktronics - Sump and Bore Pump Controller

KTronics controllers are designed for water level control and level indication purposes. It developed in the base to fit all types of motors, with simple functions. It is an advanced operations microcontroller in an efficient way.

Special Features

The LEDs display with a different mode of colours will help to manage and easy to find a level of water in the sump and bore.
The manual setting will operation will control the whole process.
Auto manual switch for on/off.
It is suitable for Residences, Commercial complexes, Residential Apartments, hotels, hospitals, Industries, hostels, Etc...



Commercial Buildings


Educational Institutes


Industrial applications

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