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Double Motor Controller

This model is suitable for conditions such as two water pumps shall be operated to supply water. These two water pumps operate for predefined timers. The first pump worked for its predefined time and switched OFF once completed, and the second pump used it for its predefined time. The Device control's the functions of the motors in the operating system. With simple solutions and high quality and customizable prices, it reduces your high cost.

User-friendly Operation on Double Motor Controller

This cycle continues the overhead tank becomes full. These two pumps' operational processes shall overhead tank water level. Pumps operation cycle shall initiate when the tank level becomes minimum and switch OFF pumps if the tank level becomes its maximum level. Its functions will save time, money and leakage of water.

Ktronics -Double Motor Controller

Ktronics Controller is a universal, high-power motor controller designed to use double-way and seamlessly combine independent and human control of small- and medium-sizes. It contains high-resolution input values, current limitation, acceleration, and speed settings.

Our controller's advanced Operations consume less power and protect the motor from the low and high voltage supply because the manufacturing product has high technology in both hardware and software. Pump dry run protection controls the pump and the overhead on the tank. This motor method is more versatile for usage in houses, hospitals, apartments, etc.

Special Features

Handle up to two motors
Aid with equipped sensor designs
Safe-start regulations avoid motor activation by accident when the power turns on.
Transmission to higher-level systems with a sensor.
The motor can be closed naturally on the serial error and input channel noise.
The process of a manual set will operate the entire technique automatically.
Rotational speed or adjustment applications contain field-oriented
A mute option uses to accept the dry tank with a buzzer.



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