Technical Specifications

Operating System: High performance, Low power 8 bit micro controller

Input voltage: 240VAC, 50Hz or 440VAC for three phase

Surge protection: Available

Dry run protection: Available

Current rating: 30 A

Current consumption: 6W

Sensor MDC: SS306

Dimension: 175x165x63mm

Body material: ABS Plastic

Weight: 450gms

In this fast-paced science world, a little thought can save you time, money, and electricity. It will be a safe and secure place not only for us, but for this country as well. So, water is considered to be the most important in this world. This water level controller and water level indicator sensor is very useful for saving water, Electricity, and money.

Functionalities of Devices

A water level controller helps save maintenance by limiting the waste of water and electricity. These devices proficiently exchange how much energy is used to guard against any unnecessary water/electricity usage. Over time, the child support saved is quite substantial

water level indicator sensorthe pen makes known a evaluate sensor, is what tells the manage panel that corrective fighting is needed. Mixes of high and low sensors are used to adjust to the run panel once water levels are too high or too low.

Water Level Indicator Project 

The automatic water level controller will automatically START the pump set as soon as the water level falls below the predetermined level (usually 1/2 tank) and shall SWITCH OFF the pump set as soon as the tank is full. Fuel level indicator in the vehicle.


Our devices are totally useful in House, Hotels, Hospitals, Educational institutes, Commercial buildings, and industrial applications. All of our devices are developed with improved technology to make the power flow less efficient. The devices are made of plastic and can be fitted anywhere because of its very low weight (450gms) and making with many advanced features. It is designed to run in dry places and devices used by single and Three-phase. All of our Water level controller and water level indicator devices are designed to last for a long time at a low cost. We also have an automatic hydraulic sensor. And we are very much specialized to make customer’s requirements.

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