Most Effective Ways to Overcome Automatic Water Level Controller and Indicator Problem

Most Effective Ways to Overcome Automatic Water Level Controller and Indicator Problem

Intro The water level controller is an instrument that controls your water pumps. It helps in controlling the pump according to the water levels in the overhead and underground water tanks.

It also plays a vital role in guarding the pump against power fluctuations. The pump turns on when the overhead tank is empty and switches off when the overhead tank overflows or underground tank empties. Water level controller and indicator play an important role in saving water, protecting the motor, and reducing the electricity bill. Our automatic water level controller and the indicator also functions to pump water 24 hours without drying up the overhead tank. With many water level controllers in the market, choosing the best water level controller in Chennai mainly depends on the features and problems you may face while using the instrument. Read ahead to know the problems you may face in the majority of the water controllers sold by leading dealers and manufacturers and how distinct is our best quality water level indicator.

  • Power Saver

We are living in an era where we must be very conscious of the energy we consume for operating various appliances. In cities like Chennai, we consume a lot of power for operating appliances for our various daily necessities. The best water level controller in Chennai city must be power saving. Usually water level regulation consumes high power. But with automatic controllers, the electricity usage is decreased and the water required to regulate supply is also less.

  • Money Saver

Generally, a top-quality water level controller helps you in saving money as water wastage is reduced and electricity consumption is limited. These appliances specifically regulate the energy consumed, to avoid any additional water/electricity use. Over a period the money you save is absolutely substantial.

  • Automatic

Another major benefit of these instruments is that they regulate themselves. Without manual intervention using a timer switch, these devices help you to avoid frustrations involved manual monitoring.  The automatic functions in these devices help in maintaining the appropriate water levels in the tank.

  • Water maximization

Usually, water pumps are operated during midday. Very few water controllers have the feature of maximizing the water supplied during midday whereas reducing the water usage automatically at night. This helps in maintaining appropriate water levels at all times and also balances the water requirement when there is maximum usage.

  • Good Electronic Design

Though there are many top-quality water level indicators and sensors in Chennai, solving the durability problems in the previous models by introducing solid-state electronics in the upcoming models is the best solution for good quality. An advanced modular design not just resolves durability issues but also increases the life-span of the motor and complete unit. As relays are the key moving component in WLC, choose a one that can be easily replaced and tested by any skilled electrician.

  • Minimize fouling and deterioration

The best quality water level indicators are usually less expensive than the actual float model for the toilet tank. The WLC with solid-state electronics reduces volt usage ( less than 1 volt). This in turn reduces the mineral fouling, plating, rusting, and probe deterioration, proving to be a safer and efficient option. The above factors increase the durability of the controller and also saves money and energy.

  • Easy installation with LED monitoring

Devices like these that have solid-state electronics and integrated electronics provide extraordinary performance, uncomplicated installation, and less operating cost on contrary to the traditional model. For constant supervision, the integrated firmware along with digital dry-contact circuitry easily connects to the automation unit of a building. Every function of the integrated system and relays have LED lights for the operators to scan them visually for verifying the operations.

  • To summarize

It is always best to go for a water level controller that gives you the following features to overcome/avoid any problem while using them.

  • The lifespan of the water level controllers must be at least more than 3 years.
  • WLC that is protected from foul, rust, and deteriorate.
  • Built-in Electronic circuit.
  • Easy installation.
  • Updated and modern technology and mechanism.
  • Features LED indicator lights.
  • Reliability and accuracy is an important feature.
  • Easy to integrate with the existing automation unit in the building.
  • Requires less maintenance.
  • Automatic adjustment of water levels.
  • Less energy consumer and Less pricey.
  • Loud alarm to alert you.
  • Guarantee and Warranty is a must.

Conclusion, Despite, various top-quality water level controller in Chennai, hope we have guided you in choosing the best water level controller. There are many designs and types of WLCs in various price range, try to choose one with the best features for long run usage without any major operational problems.

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