Guide to Finding the Best Automatic Water Level Controller in Tamil Nadu

Guide to Finding the Best Automatic Water Level Controller in Tamil Nadu

Equipped with a series of connections, the automatic water level controller ensures consistent water storage and outflow into taps while filling the overhead tank when the liquid levels drop beyond a prescribed limit.

The controller, without the need for any manual intervention, monitors the water level in the overhead tank. With high compatibility and utilitarian value, the automatic water level controller saves time, electricity and more importantly, water. By helping you efficiently manage your water resource, the device successfully prevents the overflow of water and any wastage that might occur as a result of mismanagement.

Low levels of water are discerned by the middle sensor for the motor to get switched on automatically, to fill up the tank. The top-level sensor is activated when the level of water is at its peak, after which the motor is switched off. There is absolutely no manpower required for the operation. Metro cities, hospitals, societies, homes and other water hoarding facilities, (inclusive of industries), are best amplified with the use of the automatic water level controller.

About the Water Level Controller
Regarded as one of the best water-saving technologies, people have begun using the automatic water level controller over the past decade and have even graduated to better devices through consistent evolution. From simple 555 controllers to MCU controllers, Ktronics now provides AI-enabled techs revolving around the Industry 4.0 concept. To find the best automatic water level controller in Tamil Nadu you should be able to differentiate the elements that infuse functionality into the product.

A basic water level controller replaces your manual ON/OFF motor switch that you might have to manually operate in the absence of an automatic switch. The mechanism is primarily responsible for detecting water emptiness and fill the overhead tank with the required capacity. Once the tank is full, the motor has to be arrested for fear of overflow and wastage of water. This, in fact, is the issue with most facilities that do not understand the requirement of automated motor control.


The water level controller industry is extremely technical and therefore, you are highly unlikely to get the kind of information, you are seeking when you scour the market. But it is integral to choose the right product, which otherwise, could prove detrimental to the life of your motor. It is reported that at least 70% of the motor burn down cases belong to the wrong choice of water level controller. For this, you must avoid cheap attachments and begin choosing high-quality products to ensure the longevity of the motor.

The Motor

Bifurcated according to operating principles there are basically, two types of AC motors – the Induction and Synchronous. The Induction motor relies on the slip to induce rotor current in the rotor AC winding, which is also the small difference between the speeds of the stator rotating magnetic field and the rotor shaft. Alternatively, the Synchronous motor uses salient poles (projecting magnetic poles), permanent magnets or independently excited rotor winding producing rated torque at synchronous speeds.
It is recommended that before the installation of the water level controller, to check the power consumption of the existing motor using a clamp meter. Every water level controller is power, or motor load specified. Therefore, an old motor might be resisting more load than it can handle. For instance, if a 1.0 HP motor is subjected to heavy load, then the internal components and its design may encounter issues.
Water Quality

Check for clarity and taste of the water before installing the water level controller. If the water is too hard, then the shelf life of the water level controller can deteriorate. Although visible impurities and dust can be analyzed easily by simply filling the water into a clear bottle, there are others not discerned by the naked eyes that become responsible for the devices’ non-functionality. Salty water can attach, unwanted elements in the water to the sensor, thus even disabling the device.

Dry Run Protection

When a pump operates without adequate liquid it leads to a surge in pressure, flow or overheating. This instigates pump failure, and the pumping elements seize up the shaft. The protection mechanism is integral to the running of a rotor, pump, or stirrer shaft without the presence of a medium. If allowed dry running, the bearing and shaft seal can be damaged. The motor’s running is analyzed after which, the pump automatically stops adhering to optimal programmed Dry run timer.


To manage adequate water levels in the tank, you must possess a control panel attached to sensors that can be programmed to automatically turn on the pump when the water levels are low and stop when the water has reached its capacity. The probe sensor is ideal and possesses the most appropriate corrective action required to communicate with the control panel. In fact, the best combination of high and low sensors may be used to ensure the accurate working of the automatic water level controller and the overhead tank, in general. However, there is a wide assortment of sensors available in the market. Ensure the usage of high-quality Ktronics controller sensors for the optimal life of your overhead single motor double tank controller.

Features of Ktronics automatic water level controllers

Ktronics water level controllers are low-maintenance, easy-installation devices that are fully automatic, save water and augment the life of the water pump. Our structures are highly suitable due to their ability to control water seepage through roofs and walls due to the overflow of the tanks. These can also be fitted into difficult to access spaces and are equipped with feather touch keys for easy operation.
The water level controller starts the pump as soon as the waterfalls below a prescribed level and switches off as soon as it is full. It also senses the water levels of the lower sump to execute appropriate ON/OFF operations. The controllers are ideal for continuous operation, as they consume very little in terms of energy. Decide your own storage and dissipation levels for your overhead tank and sump when you use Ktronics automatic water level controllers.

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