How to Select Your Water Level Controller

How to Select Your Water Level Controller


The water level controller is a device used to regulate and optimize the water flow. Water level indicator helps you in measuring and managing the water level in various water storages such as swimming pools, cooling towers, and water tanks and pumps.

These very beneficial devices when you have to manage the flow of water.

SO irrespective of whether you are a service technician, a building maintenance supervisor, or an electrician- We are here to guide you certain key features to check before selecting a water level controllers. Check out!!

  • Tech Support

Choose a water level controller who answers all your queries related to this device with experience and competence. Here at Ktronics we have experts and professionals in this industry to answer all your queries, understand your suggestions. We help you in maintaining and installing the water level controllers with professional advice.

  • Warranty

Electronic water level controllers are devices that are used regularly. There are chances of damage if the quality of the product is not up to the mark. We at Ktronics one of the best water controllers in Chennai provide the maximum possible warranty to safeguard our customers’ interest. Look for water controllers from leading dealers and manufacturers with at least 5 years warranty for all major components. 

  • Press to Test Function

Check if your water level controller has a simple one push feature that will begin a validation process to check if the device is functioning properly. Almost all best water level controllers in Chennai – Ktronics provide this feature.

  • LED Indication

The best water level indicator comes with LED indicators that help you evaluate the present situation/ function of the device. LED lights help you understand the readings and functions even in dark. So look out for this one in your water level indicator.

  • Reliable and Accurate

Choose a water level controller that helps you conserve water with compensation for wave movement and also manage the water capacity with 1/8”. The top water level controller and indicator company in Chennai – Ktronics provides reliable and accurate readings to match all your water level controller requirements.

  • Easy to Install

Installation of water level controllers is expected to be done within 1 hour. Ktronics offers quick connect models that help you save in labor expenses too. Choose from such leading dealers and manufacturers of water level controllers.

  • Designed to Last

Select water level controllers that have a 1% failure regarding its design or function. When you purchase a water level controller in chennai look for the best quality water level indicators and features. Choose water level controllers that will last you at least 15 years of the average duty cycle.

  • Dry- contact circuitry

Water level controllers that can be integrated easily with the already existing automation technology in the building is more preferable. Ktronics offers WLCs that don’t disturb or interfere with existing automation in your buildings.

  • Advanced Design of Module

Buy the best water level controller in chennai which allows you to replace every individual spare part. It saves your money because replacing the entire device for minor damage or technical error is not a good idea. Ktronics offers you this benefit.

  • Solid State

Water level controllers with durable lifespan and longevity without technical floats or moving spares are better to buy. Ktonics provides you WLCs at high quality which prevents rusting and breakage and also provides trouble-free maintenance.

Final Words

Choose water level controllers that provide hassle-free installation, good performance, less operational cost, durability, and mainly user satisfaction. We at ktronics give you the best of all and offer you all the modern features you expect in a water level controller.

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