Advantages of Water Level Indicator

Advantages of Water Level Indicator

A water level indicator is a device that is used to control the quantity of water flow in various water storage like pool, tanks, and pumps. Water levels are monitored using water level indicators.

Water level controllers are used for optimizing the performance of the system and regulate the water flow. There are various advantages of this tool. Our products are very handy as it is ingrained with the best quality features. Let’s check how a water controller from ktronics can help you in your everyday water usage-

  • Automatic

Our water controllers are made to switch on the pump, as the water level comes below the predetermined level and switches off as the tank gets filled. Our water indicator tools help you in deciding the level of storage easily.

  • Easy to Install

It is very easy to install almost all the water controller products at ktronics in tanks and pools.

  • Continuous functioning

Our water controllers are best suitable for continuous functioning as it consumes limited energy when compared to many other electrical devices.

  • Stops Overflow

The major highlight feature of Ktronics water controller is that it helps you avoid any overflow of water from tanks. It helps you avoid water wastage to a large extent.

  • Elegant Designs

Our water indicators come in elegant and compact models that are also an attractive feature of Ktronics.

  • Low Maintenance

Most of our products rarely cause any operational issues so the maintenance requirement is low. Our devices come with stainless conductive electrodes that have a plastic covering. So it lasts a little longer and maintenance and cleaning requirement are less.

  • Power consumption

Our water indicators help you decrease energy consumption as they control the quantity of water in tanks and other storages easily. In turn, you can prevent both wastages of energy and water and it is absolutely advantageous for you.

  • Automatic Functions

There is no requirement of manual intervention in operating Ktronics water controllers. It is one of the best water controllers and indicators that can be operated automatically.

  • Programmable

It is the best water level controller and indicator that has been designed according to your individual requirements. It can be programmed to pump the storage continuously to have the water-filled all day and night.

  • Better usage

It is one of the top water indicators that makes it feasible to utilize water to maximum extend. The quantity in the tank or sump remains accurate most of the time with the help of our water controllers.

  • Feather Touch Switches

Our best water controllers and indicators from Ktronics have modern devices that have feather touch switches you can use to operate the indicators easily. The manual switches can also be used for other tasks like watering the garden and so on. Final Word The products at Ktronics are manufactured to turn off the pumps when the underground storage is empty so that it can stop the motor from functioning after getting dried up. Water level indicators at Ktronics suit any water pump and comes with a rust-free magnetic sensor and it also detects water level at your overhead tank. Is your tank overflowing? Fed up with your neighbor calling you out because there is overflow? No worries!!! Buy one the best water level controller in Chennai “ Ktronics” known for its best features and service.

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