Serial RS232 RS485 to 4G GPRS Converter with IOT function


Serial RS232 RS485 to 4G GPRS Converter with IOT function

The RS232/RS485 uses the serial interface to collect transparent data transmission. It is a wireless terminal utility that converts serial data to IP data, then converted back to serial data via the GPRS network. The serial port functions as a transparent transmitter to the network via the command of this product. The 4G GPRS to RS232/RS485 modem operates on a 5-36V DC input voltage. The RJ45 four-pin connector and interface shield Ethernet connector will isolate 2KV electromagnetic. It produces in the form of a customizable address.

Serial RS232 RS485 to 4G GPRS Converter with IOT function In Detail

Ktronics is a top leading company in India, providing its services in water level controller indicators, GSM/GPRS modems, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. They have supplied water level controller indicators for over ten years. The product of the RS232/RS485 to 4G GRPS converter function alters data with the signal via a WIFI network wireless connection. It allows the Ethernet converter to transmit data at the same time.

It will monitor multilevel indicators communication and operational status, and Modbus for industrial uses will be endorsed. The various devices can provide exceptional support in recognizing the custom-designed registration packet and automatically having to pass the registered packets. It claims to support customized packs to ensure the connection's accuracy and retrieving sensor data. AT commands, SMS, embed kits, or the PLC uses to configure the procedure. This product uses widely in industrial and municipal sectors configurations.

Special Features

It supports a mode of UDP/TCP/HTTP clients.
It supports the UART network OTA Firmware.
Heartbeat package and register package support system.
It has the anti-interference ability and RS485 circuit electrical isolation.
Input voltage contains the 5-36v DC.
The Connection 4KB data support.
This serial GPRS converter supports the 2G/3G/4G.
Remote management support system

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