Industrial 4G GSM GPRS Modem with 2 LAN and WiFi with IOT function


Industrial 4G GSM GPRS Modem with 2 LAN and WiFi with IOT function

The 4G GSM GPRS industrial product is a modem with two LAN and WIFI connections. The USR-G781 4g LTE modem and serial data transmission will connect and provide a cellular networking solution. The serial of RS232 to RS485 will transfer the internet server through an LTE technology connection for the network accessory of the Ethernet port of G78. It has merged with the WAN and LAN port. Static routing uses manually finding the entry and information from engaged traffic. The transport protocols of HTTP depend on the TCP standard. The embedded device network users can quickly realize the functions.

Industrial 4G GSM GPRS Modem with 2 LAN and WiFi with IOT function In Detail Specification

Ktronics is a leading company providing water level controller indicators, GSM/GPRS modems, and Internet of Things (IoT) products around India. Ktronics have supplied water level controller indicators for over ten years. The industrial 4G GSM GRPS contains the manual options to function the system, and it has AT commands. It includes a surge protection system, ESD 2KV, for use in a more industrial environment. Power consumption and power supply 53mA @12v 1W. The interface standard pins are RS232 and RS485. And the port type pin contains a 1x8pin RJ45, and the actual frequency consumption is 120MHz. It owns the security and protection monitoring and public security. A building automation system, power monitoring, a self-service banking system, and machine room monitoring are all used in this product.

Special Features

The input voltage consumes 5-36v DC.
It Helps Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP.
It supports the signals of 2G/3G/4G.
The configuration through AT commands/SMS/PLC or embed kits.
Help VPN clients.
The integrated timer to watch the Hardware and software.
Ethernet device servers with 1-port RS232/Rs485.

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