With the compact design that combines GPRS and GPS in an SMT package, this solution saves clients time and money when building GPS-enabled applications. This Module contains the ATmega328 and SIM808. The GSM GPS module adding the features on the board is the flexibility of Arduino and GPS and Bluetooth functionality. This Module combines GPS technology for satellite navigation to make the complete process of quad-band GSM /GPRS.

IOT GSM GPS Module Board ES-GSM-M3N-U In Detail

KTronics is a foremost company in India, supplying water level control indicators, GSM/GPRS Modems, and IoT products sizably. They have been providing water level indication services in India for over ten years. The design products to adopt the GPS enable applications will transfer the information and indication. Industry-standard facilities with high-efficiency interface and GPS function will allow the variable assets to track the location at any time with the signal coverage.

High sensitivity GPS different receiver tracks and acquisition with channels. AT command module supports controller the 3.3V to 5V. The text message of the receiver will specify control of the LED open circuit. The detection module registered the network to send the message. It will connect with the specific server and send the selected data by GPS/ GPRS. It provides information about the power consumption at almost 10MA.

Special Features

GPRS module connects with maximum kbps of 85.6 for the download or upload.
AT command and Arduino control code is possible.
In sleep mode, the device uses only 1mA.
It supports the real-time clock with a perfect duration of time.
They consume the power supply voltage of the 5V ~ 12V.
It possesses the standard SIM card.
Quad-band GPS chip range (850/900/1800/ 1900MHz)
GSM-M3N-U support A-GPS and Integrated GPS/GNSS
GPRS Class B mobile station
The logic level will support 3.0V to 5.0V.

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