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Wireless Water Level Controller

Advance high-tech function Water level controller via wireless mode and broad technology spectrum with noise-controlled structures. It has a distance range of up to 6000 meters. The wireless water level controllers operate the motor, which is separated from the tank by a distance. The Transmitter uses the float switch to determine the water level and delivers commands to the Receiver. As a result, there's no need for special wiring or a pipeline between the motor and the tank.

User-friendly Operation on Wireless water level controller

Wireless water level controller fill-up the water level with an indicator on the tank to quickly know the water level on your tank. Highly receiving sensitivity will work when the low signal strength. Once the tank fill, you can obtain the notification through a transistor. It saves your time, protects your water from wastage, and preserves money.

Ktronics - Wireless Water Level Controller

Ktronics wireless controllers easily detect the device and take complete control of it. We provide quality, long life, and durability because it works with multiple pumps. We have operated direct sequence spread spectrum technology for further communication distance. Uses to precisely maintain the ON and OFF water pump as per need in the overhead of the tank. This system connects the Tank monitor and the Motor controller units over the internet.

Special Features

The wireless water level controller is comfortable communicating with the tank and motor.
It supports knowing the water level with the aid of flow indication.
It's the procedure of complete automation and pump control.
Inbuilt voltage sensing provides surge protection.
Work frequency constant contains low power consumption.
A manual or auto-setting timer option will help save the water and time.
The maximum transmission will help to control 6000 meters.
Sump and tank level indications create manually.



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