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WiFi IoT Products

The IoT products module mainly carries Internet control and will contain the part of serial port instructions via a mobile phone app. LAN implementation will control the level with indications and manage the voltage through WIFI. It activates with 250V AC to 30V DC. The device control and operate lights with a remote, and a triggering system will supply a signal from the ESP8266 module. Receive the level signal with LED lights with an audible click connecting output pins. ESP8266 has controlled the relay. It contains a transmission distance up to 400m, so you can quickly know the signal with WIFI connection indications.

WiFi IoT Products in Detail

The board of the ESP8266 module contains the three phases of operating mode. The WIFI module must configure using the computer's serial decoding programme and the USB to TTL module's RX, TX, and GND pin; simultaneously, the module must connect to the TX, RX, GND pin, IN+, IN– 5v supply.

Special Features

Signal control connection via WIFI commands on AI-THINKER or ESP8266.
Wireless Serial Server, RS485 WiFi Converter
Serial to WiFi and Ethernet Converter, RS232/RS485 Serial Wireless Server
It contains the protection of diode effusion.
WiFi Server Converter from Serial RS232
AP mode of onboard module easily connects the five clients at the same time process.
RS232 RS485 to WiFi and Ethernet Converter, Serial WIFI Converter



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