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Water Conductivity Sensor

The water conductivity sensor will monitor the electrical conductivity EC and temperature. The measurement of water's ability to provide the solution of the electric current between two electrodes. With the associate sensor in electrical contact on the ground, eliminating the electrode configuration. AC coupled electrodes; apply bipolar in the conductivity has used. It decreases the electrochemical reactions and also reduces corrosion. Mainly it extends the probe's life.

Water Conductivity Sensor Details With Specifications

A thermistor is used in the CS547A to measure temperature. Three cylindrical stainless-steel electrodes fit an epoxy container to evaluate electrical conductivity (EC). Ground loop issues related to electrical contact sensors eliminate earth ground with the electrode design. The electrodes are ac coupled with a bipolar stimulation applied by the data recorder. This method reduces electrochemical reactions, corrosion, and extends the life of the probe.

The CS547A is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. The ends round to make installation and removal easier. All conductivity measuring ranges and all regularly used process connections cover by our line of conductivity sensors and transmitters. The cell constant for the CS547A calibrates in a 0.01 molalKCl solution at 25°C. The EC of the solution is 1.408 mS cm-1. An A547 user interface provides to Output Analog. It has a conductivity range of 0.005 to 7mS/cm and a temperature range of 0° to 50°C. If the pH of the solution is less than 3.0 or greater than 9.0, it may damage the stainless-steel housing.

Special Features

Most Campbell data recorders are compatible.
Rounded ends make installation and removal easier.
High stability in digital signal and plug and measure features with sensor installation.
Multiple sensor measurements are possible with AM16/32 series multiplexers.
The method of Cleaning is easy.
For stand-alone submersion, a weighted option is available.
Corrosion protection from damage.



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