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Turbidity Sensor

A turbidity sensor is a digital sensor that combines infrared absorption with light emitted from a source after turbidity scattering. The detector values the conversions of electrical signals. Because the PVC sensor will allow the handheld unit application, it obtains the compact, robust and light for the turbidity sample analog processing later with a digital signal. The turbidity meter sensor is a reliable and precise meter to process the measurements internationally. Mainly it adopts digital sensors of RS485 Modbus. It controls the water wastage and manages the detector's level to monitor the whole process.

Turbidity Sensor In Details

The sensor will use RS485 Modbus to communicate with transmitters, display units, controllers, and data loggers. It will save data in the optical sensor for improved calibration measurements. The calibration data, history, users, and measures will be handled instantly in the NTU detector and sent via RS485. Continuous monitoring will provide a quick response and measurements. There are numerous ranges available to fulfil various accuracy needs. It also monitors water quality with industrial production by measuring the turbidity value of water in the tank, raw water, and others. It also regularly monitors groundwater, surface water, pipe water, etc.

Special Features

Turbidity sensor meters have the facility to clean manually.
It contains optical fiber and an optical sensor.
It can integrate and network other equipment
The manual cleaning process controls will reduce microbial contamination.
It has robust and waterproof.
Achieve a stable digital signal output from the controller.
Easy for installation and protection.
Self-diagnosis function will ensure accurate data.
It emits 880nm near-infrared light and can correct for sample colour.
It includes the anti-interference ability and long-transmission.



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