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Triple Tank Controller

One accredited manufacturing company supplies a premium product of the Triple Tank Controller. The range of operation and functions in the Triple Tank Controller product is more advanced in technology and will protect your time and water. The triple tank's usage and process are the same as the double tank. The motor switches ON when the tank or sump is empty, and it fills the water level accordingly to the time settings and OFF. Once the tank or sump fills, you will get the indication. It observes the three tank water level conditions with the help of the Dry Run Protection system. Three tank level indications will display in an LED light signal mode.

User-friendly Function on Triple Tank Controller

The operations of the triple tank controller device will supply the water to the base on the settings, and accordingly, it will switch OFF. The result of these operations will help protect the motor conditions and save your time. The ultrasonic level will maintain the water level on the tanks with the aid of a sensor. Multiple motors and circuits are programmed to control complete devices.

Ktronics - Triple Tank Controller

KTronics Water Level Controller design and manufacture fit all types of the motor, and the procedure of the triple tank controller is simple operations with user-friendly methods. The LED light indicates the various water levels in the tank and sump. The different colours of LED will display. Our controller is the most prominent design which suits all kinds of fields. Because it plugs with the microcontroller, less power consumes with precise methodologies. The sensor of the structures of SS316 to make the process of automation and deliver long life.

Special Features

The triple tank Water levels detection.
The manual pump starts filling while keeping an eye on the dry run and overfill systems.
Monitoring the three tanks in draining and replenishing.
Compact design with plastic coating
LED lights auto mode will display the levels in various colours.



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