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Residual Chlorine Meter

A residual Chlorine Meter is a kind of water quality checking sensor in the industrial. Its electrodes contain a high platinum coating with a high protection level of design work with two signals of output, RS485 and Analog. The chlorine meter is suitable for environmental protection, industrial process, drinking water, tap water, houses, medicine, etc.

Residual Chlorine Meter Details Specification

The residual chronic meter sensor measures the level of water with chloride. The electrode of advancements will measure the principles and voltage consumption. So it works stable with its performance. Because its diverse functions concentrate on chloride ions, the built-in temperature sensor will automatically compensate for the temperature. The sensor contains a high sensitivity with the internal circuit design. It accurately measures the value and provides the solution.

The platinum coating provides life without damage and an overall water protection shell. The residual chlorine meter of the power supply contains DC10~30V, and the output voltage is RS485/4-20mA/0-5V/0-10V. The applicable electrode temperature is 0~50℃. After every usage you want, replace the electrode chronic it with a proper clean and protection. The chlorine range of applications contains two kinds of probes with more extensive. RS485, 0-5V, 0-10V, and 4-20ma are among the output modes available. The broad sensor voltage power supply ranges from DC 7 to 30 volts. The overall shell has an IP65 rating and can withstand rain and snow.

Special Features

It contains high protection with the platinum coating shell.
Automated temperature adjustment and manual temperature compensation can switch at an impulse with the automatic temperature compensation option.
It has complete variety with a wide range.
It has more precision, stability and sensitivity.



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