Best Industrial Water PH Sensor


Industrial Water PH Sensor

Advance high-tech function Water level controller via wireless mode and broad technology spectrum with noise-controlled structures. It has a distance range of up to 6000 meters. The wireless water level controllers automatically operate the motor, separated from the tank by a distance. The Transmitter uses the float switch to determine the water level and delivers commands to the Receiver. As a result, there's no need for special wiring or a pipeline between the motor and the tank.

Industrial Water PH Sensor Details

It will measure the conductivity of the water with a pH sensor detector. Put the conductivity probe into the water to estimate the conductivity value by calculating the change in solvent resistance. The operating concept of a water conductivity sensor is that when the conductivity electrode submerges in water, it acts as a resistance, and the resistance size is proportional to the conductivities.

The electrode resistance is proportional to the electrode constant K Inverse connection when the solution conductivity remains constant. It takes the power supply up to DC 7 - 30V, and the output mode of the sensor is 4020mA/0 - 5V/0 - 10V/RS485. In the pH sensor, conductivity will help find the temperature error range. It contains a 360-degree mounting internal plunger. EC electrodes help check the waterproof data processor with a digital controller.

Special Features

With a digital signal and plugins, you can measure aspects of the water level with an installation sensor with high stability.
It can simultaneously monitor EC and temperature, and just one device is required.
The current temperature conductivity can correct the required temperature using the automatic temperature compensation mechanism.
Several components are there to watch the water level in a tank.
Exceptional precision, sensitivity, and stability
The price advantage is obvious. The sensor will cover a wide range.



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