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Ethernet IoT Products

The wireless sensor is a widespread technology transmission to indicate the water level: the high interference and strong reliability of technology constructed in IoT products. Multiple optical fiber sensors are used in this technique to demonstrate water level detection, and data detected by the user interface offers the actual findings.

Ethernet Module Microchip ENC28J60 controls the IC elements to manage most network protocols. Utilizing the internet, host a web server, ping the module, or add it to dwelling automation. The board with the Microcontrollers procedure is familiar with a transfer speed of 20-25MHz. This module product allows an Ethernet interface with an operational voltage of 3.3V to 5V.

Details of Ethernet IoT Products Design

Ethernet IoT design product made to control board online. The technology finds to communicate with devices of mobile phones and other gadgets to control remotely in your home. The innovative technology will contain high-performances with sensor communication with signals. The sensor signals support a high anti-interference and a remote control connection.

The route unites with multiple interfaces of Input and Output ports. It performs the same functions as the Ethernet Shield V1.0 for Arduino, allowing you to complete the parts you could with the Ethernet Shield V1.0. It's small and functionally practical. You'll need sufficiently wires to attach to your Arduino board that can then be used Ethernet Shield V1.0 for Arduino. Integrated magnetic made to reduce the size of the board and uses of RJ45.

Special Features

Ethernet chips module ENC28J60, the controller is a compact form.
+3.3 V single supply
Interface SPI with a few pins helps communicate between the host and controller.
PCB standard panel dimensions size contains 48x18 mm
The MCU can attach readily with a 2X5 connector.
Transformer built to connect with LAN connector.
Indicator of strength will control the level
It helps communicate and operate at signals and control the water level with indication.



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