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COD Sensor

Two light sensors of the COD sensor will measure the ultraviolet light and COD content in the water. Ultraviolet light will contain many organic substances.

It can accurately measure the content of dissolved organic pollutants in the water. It also measures the degree of absorption of the 254nm wavelength of ultraviolet light of the organic substances. And its automatic turbidity content will compensate for measuring the second level channel and the technology of LISA- Cutting-edge measures at low investment and operating costs.

COD Sensor In Detail Specification

The COD sensor measures the water substance with ultraviolet light, and the other references of light will also help measure the turbidity of the water body. So you can easily connect with any gadget with our sensor. The light path depletion is well balanced by a specific algorithm as used to find a certain extent. The innovation with the interface of COD will allow quick access and easy integration for the sensor. This function control system and exterior data logger.

LISA is available to find the digital or analog output data with the integrated network. You can easily connect with any gadget with our sensor. This Chemical Oxygen Demand meter robust of the sensor will calculate the Km of 1.2km with the connection of Digital transmission, COD meter and analyzer in the water and wastewater industry. And you were also used in the places drinking water, surface water, water treatment, and wastewater industry.

Special Features

It frames as a compact, built-in transmission and sensor.
SAC can assist in determining the measurement of organic loading.
It contains an Optical window with Nano-coating.
Nano coating of innovation will help to clean.
It's a real-time sensor and LED technology.
Less maintenances and contain auto wiper cleaning.
Two wavelengths of 254nm and 550nm for turbidity and colour adjustment.
Online real-time measurements with play and plug.



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