Best Ammonia Nitrogen Ion Sensor


Ammonia Nitrogen Ion Sensor

Ammonia nitrogen in the water is too high; it will spoil the agricultural land and aquaculture. The sensor will assist in determining the ammonia nitrogen content of the water. It is required to monitor the content of ammonia and nitrogen in the water. It monitors the ammonium ion concentration in the water directly. The sensor contains some features of simple operation, less investment, and pollution-free for your water pretreatment. The ammonia sensor indicator design includes the sensor probe and pH probe. It helps widely measure the amount of ammonia nitrogen in the flocculation treatment and aeration bay of the sewage treatment plants, industrial engineering, and river water.

Ammonia Nitrogen Ion Sensor in Detail

The ammonia nitrogen sensor is a selective electrode on the PV membrane and is used to test the ion content in the water. The ammonia nitrogen measurements procedure will quickly calculate the ion content level and interfere with the potassium ion content. The values are correct and compensate for the ammonia nitrogen value, allowing the numerous parameters to be measured—the device's design with sturdy selective electrodes and high measurement precision in mind.

The products calibrate using standard liquid calibration. It's where four-mode cable connectors support. The interactions among ammonia obtain ammonium ions, PH and temperature, an algorithm and a relationship between ammonia concentration and voltage signal from an ammonia-sensitive probe and pH probe content. The customer manual increases the ammonia nitrogen sensor's technical parameters, maintenance, and communication protocol.

Special Features

It direct outputs the RS485 signal in Ammonia Nitrogen Sensor.
Digital ammonia nitrogen NH4-n sensor ion electrode method of designed to control wastewater treatment.
It contains High precision, stability and strong anti-interference ability.
The communication mode of RS484 Modbus RTU
It provides long term stable measurements.
It allows getting timely data on monitoring water with real-time transmission.



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