Best Agri motor starters with Interface In Chennai


Agri motor starters with Interface

This model has high-tech facilities functioning via the wireless mode, and this technology with noise a controlled facility. Typically, our model can work up to a distance range of 1000 meters to 6000 meters—automatic onset on the revival of proper conditions for each phasing avoidance programmable off timer. These motors are widely helpful for Agriculture and industrial drives sectors, apartments and more.

User-friendly Operation on Agri Motors Starters With Interface

Agri Motors Starters With Interface Wireless water level controller, the operations are drawn to indicate the water level on the tank to know the water level previously. Why it has the user- friendly because its transistor will help to see the status of water, and it holds the pump control modes and inbuilt voltage sensing protection. It preserves your time, protects your water from wastage, and saves money.

Ktronics - Agri Motors Starters With Interface

Our wireless water level controller supplies the water with the technology communication bases. In this model, we applied ultra-low power consumption applications. Our primary thought is to provide the best services to the customers. This customised water level controller is cost-effective and mainly suited for Agriculture works. Why mean it contains a transmission between transmitter and receiver. So they can easily supply the water for the land.

Special Features

User-friendly starting and switching of motors
Save time by detouring travelling to the motor room each time to switch ON and OFF the motor.
Dependable excess and short-circuit protection
Save electricity by turning the engine off while not needed.
Reversing the contactor circuit in two paths
Shield the motor from the dry run. A flexible wiring kit in a modular way helps to create effortless wiring and handling.
Visible LEDs for displaying operation, function and switching status
Cover the motor from phase inequality and low voltage.



Commercial Buildings


Educational Institutes


Industrial applications

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