2G GSM Modem ES-GSM-M95-U2


2G GSM Modem ES-GSM-M95-U2

2G GSM modem ES M95-U2 module is a high impact product in GSM/GPRS. The M95-U2 contain the MTK small size chipset that consumes the ultra-low power consumption. The temperature range is the prime candidate for low power applications and is easily embedded. The manufacturing process has high efficiency with the customizable and high quality. The GSM ES M95-U2 functionality and applications are high standards with firmware.

2G GSM Modem ES-GSM-M95-U2 In Detail

KTronics is a renowned Indian firm that provides a wide range of water level controller indicators, GSM/GPRS modems, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. They have been providing water level controller indicators in India for over ten years. This modem framework of design with unique standard specifications. It frames the modem of M 95-U2 and provides both RS232 output and TTL UART 3.3v output.

The M95 firmware is remotely updated and allows the technology and the features to integrate with the protocol and serial multiplexer. Data, audio, and SMS transmission over GSM/GPRS networks are now faster and more reliable, a command to upgrade instructions. M95 is the smallest quad board GSM/GPRS module in a compact model, and it retains a low power consumption of 1.3mA. It holds the DC to DC converter. It includes embedded, robust internet protocols, IP addresses, and numerous sockets. The M95 GSM modem base of data logging. GPRS and GPS application availability usage for both industrial and commercial sectors.

Special Features

Quad-band and compact design with customizable.
DTMF, QuecLocator, and Jamming Detection
Easily find the Network status with the Green LED indicator.
The temperature consumption range is -40°C to +85°C.
Delivers 5-24v DC supplying power.
The power consumption is as low as 1.3mA
Protocols for Embedded Internet Services
RS232 interface for a direct computer or MCU kit communication.
Stub antenna and SMA connector supplied.

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