Water scarcity is an issue that is taking its peak in many cities, including Chennai, the primary culprit of this problem is not the availability of water but the unnecessary wastage.

Most of you must be having easy access to water sources, but your careless attitude upon this type of problem has raised the severity of the issue. If you had at any time come across scarcity of water, you might know the worth of clean drinkable water. Experts believe that the third world war may crop up not for oil or boundaries but water, many may not live to witness it, but that’s the fact, it has already become an election vote gathering agenda in various countries such as India.

Now that we have spoken about the serious problem we have been, or we are going to face. Giving a solution is also the need of the hour. Right?

Genuinely speaking one single individual can’t make any change or can reduce the consumption as we are used to its extravagant lifestyle. Let’s take measures to reduce wastage that will contribute on a large scale to prevent this major disaster.

The barrier for controlling wastage gives us better financial benefits, and it also contributes toward the environment and water cycle, which thereby helps us in sustainable water usage. The barrier is the Water level controller  in chennai from leading dealers and manufacturers like Ktronics.

Now a question may raise- Why me? Why not the government or society? Your thoughts may be around, why should I spend my hard-earned money on something that the government and society are not cared about, if this is pricking your mind – here is the answer? Who are you earning so hard for? Most of you will answer “Children” Right? 

The generation you are saving your earning will not be able to drink or eat money. They will blame you when the water sources get dry for them to quench their thirst. They may have to fight for a living for they need water to keep their breath live. So stop being selfish and playing the ball game of who will bell the cat and stop the water wastage immediately. You can, We care, and together We can help to build a better future for our children- Ktronics is one the top water level controllers in chennai offering you solutions to various water flow problems with its good quality water level indicators. 

If you still believe, water scarcity is a fantasy; we have a few examples to prove you wrong. Tsunamis, irregular rainfalls, worst floods in various parts of the world, and drought in many areas in our own country are never expected. These disasters happen naturally in nature when we don’t care about it. Why should you get so little heart when you want to do something significant for their future. You spend tons of money on various small playful things for your children, which may not affect their future living. This is the need and their necessity – Do buy the best water level controller in Coimbatore and set an example for the society. 

Ktronics recommends using water level controllers in various major metro cities and areas where water is distributed to home, hotel, societies, and other complexes through pipelines. On the whole, our water level indicators not just serve you but also to your neighbors and society by bringing down the wastage of water. It helps in cutting down high overflows of water in your building or society. Kindly make it a must to install water level controllers in your buildings and society especially when there is no specific time for water supply. 

We focus on making life easier for you with our modern technological water level controllers and indicators. Our motto is to make our customers happy, benefit them and society. All of this by keeping it light on our customer’s pocket. Our water level controllers and indicators fit any building, industrial unit, and softening plants. We have satisfied customers who use our best water level controllers in oil, fuel, lubrication, edible and cosmetic industries, treatment plants dye & chemical unit, breweries & distilleries, pharmaceutical industries, and many more. We assure you of the best quality and service.

Our focus is any fluid in any storage, any pump – We are there to control the overflow.-Ktronics, you water level controller.


Best water level controller manufacturing company in Chennai

Ktronics who have the power to innovate in a unique idea specialize in making wireless water level Controller the system it’s functioning defines the circuit about the wireless water level controller in Chennai. The maximum range of the circuit is up to 6000 meters without anyone doing. It can be used anywhere to get alert about the required water level. The circuit is portable and wireless and simple from the pestering of wiring. It can be helped to make alert about the water tank level indicator and also pools

We have developed a unique method to control multiple pumps such as Sump and bore pumps together in a single system.


  • Meeting client’s requirements
  • Deliver superior products
  • Provide the best service
  • Clients satisfaction
  • Quoting reasonable price

Our product results in water saving as it controls water overflow and also requires less electricity usage which reduces the electricity bill

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