Water level control devices are electronic devices used to control the functioning of your pump. This device helps in solving water problems by keeping control of the supply of water. Water level controllers are a blessing for agriculture where water supply is the major issue while cultivating crops. It is also very helpful for doing various water-related activities in industries and residences.

Water Level Control Devices

There are many types of water level controllers available from leading dealers and manufacturers in the market. Ktronics is one of the best water level control device in Chennai. Generally, there is a preference for a completely automatic water level controller to analyze the water supply.

The automatic water level controllers help in keeping control of the functions of the motor and helps in reducing electricity consumption. No more worries about water wastage and power consumption raise!!! Water level control devices from Ktronics is your helping hand. The water level controller protects the motor from operating dry which increases its durability.

One of the major benefits of water level control devices is the ability to keep in control of the fluctuations in power as the motor is turned on. Most of these equipment helps in undisturbed water supply by filling the tank once it falls below the required level. The motor power is turned on when the tank gets empty or when the tank is completely filled.
This helps in making sure there is 24 hours supply of water without any interruption.

This automatic device from Ktronics can be set to pump the water as the time is set. So there is no requirement of manual intervention. The best water level controllers come with sensors that are mainly structured to monitor the quantity of water in the storages. Usually, these sensors are safe, electrically conducive and come with plastic moulds. Being non-corrosive it lasts longer.

Water Level Control Devices – Benefits

Many benefits come with these Water Controllers from Ktronics – One of the top water controller company.
The devices from these best water controllers require no manual control. It functions automatically by using timer switches.

Fed up with tank overflow issues? Don’t Worry Water controllers from ktronics helps you in negating this issue completely. The motor switch automatically turns on when the tank in the underground is empty.

Worried about Dry running of the motor? Let that not disturb you any more as Ktronics water level control devices come with sensors that prevent the dry motor functioning and also monitor the water level in both the tanks.

is your focus on Water Supply At All times? You are at right place Ktronics water level controllers  prevents operating motors in the odd hours in the night. It also keeps a check on the supply of water during busy hours in the morning. The unique sensors and time controllers are suitable in supplying the water to the tank to the maximum level prior to the peak hours. It also assists in maintaining the water level all day.

Final Word

Ktronics offers various types of water level control devices that can be bought at reasonable prices. Across various water level controllers in the market, Ktronics stands unique with its distinct features.
The demand for Ktronics water level control devices has skyrocketed – Do you know why?
It’s the testimonial of our satisfied customers – Our distinct features, Power saving capacity, Water saving nature and Long-life durability.

Best water level controller manufacturing company in Chennai

Ktronics who have the power to innovate in a unique idea specialize in making wireless water level Controller the system it’s functioning defines the circuit about the wireless water level controller in Chennai. The maximum range of the circuit is up to 6000 meters without anyone doing. It can be used anywhere to get alert about the required water level. The circuit is portable and wireless and simple from the pestering of wiring. It can be helped to make alert about the water tank level indicator and also pools

We have developed a unique method to control multiple pumps such as Sump and bore pumps together in a single system.


  • Meeting client’s requirements
  • Deliver superior products
  • Provide the best service
  • Clients satisfaction
  • Quoting reasonable price

Our product results in water saving as it controls water overflow and also requires less electricity usage which reduces the electricity bill

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