Is your home or building uses groundwater that is being pumped up to the overhead storage tank? The water pumps do this activity and it is controlled by motors. Have you ever thought of controlling the pumps? So now your query may be why should I think?
Ok, so you must control your pumps to avoid wastage of water. But how will you control? Here we guide you how?
Use Water Level indicator 

water level indicator is a unit that transmits information to the control panel to alert whether water storage has a water level within the required limits. At Ktronics one of the best water level indicators in Chennai, we provide a blend of proving sensors or float switches to detect the water levels. Our water level indicators use a simple technology to sense and alert the water level in your overhead tank or any water storage.

Wireless Water Controller

Ktronics – The best water level controller in Chennai, offers these wireless water controllers which can utilize to switch a solenoid, pump, or any unit where automatic water level controllers/float switches are operated. Wireless water tank level controllers function with ultrasonic signals to sense water tank levels. Signals are used to activate alarms either high or low. It is also useful to automatically switch on/ off a pump.

Double Tank Controller

It is an automatic water control system which is mainly designed for dual motor functioning.
This design is a dual control model water level controller that can control the sump motor and also bore well motor. All of this with automatic changeover technology. Exciting Right? This device is apt in a situation where both the motors are used to transfer water to a common storage tank. There are two modes- Sump mode & borewell mode. When water is available in the sump the unit function on sump mode and when the water in the sump falls below foot valve level it automatically changes to the bore well mode. If the water is pumped completely in the sump tank the devices get back to sump mode.

Triple Motor Controller

It is an ideal model for water level controlling when there three water pumps that transfer the water to an overhead water storage tank. Initially, one motor function and the other begins only after the first motor deactivates. These motors function based on predefined timers and turn off after the time finishes and the next motor begins to function based on the fixed time. This process goes on until a tank is filled.

Sump and Bore Pump Controller

Ktronics has designed this special WLC to pump water to overhead storage from sump and borewell. In the beginning, the sump water pump is switched on to transfer water to overhead storage then if the water level in the sump falls below the foot valve the sump motor turns off and activates the bore motor. This distinct technology requires adequate water levels in the overhead tank. This helps in giving importance to the sump water even when the bore water pump is operated. When the sump water level is half-filled the water pump turns on and triggers the sump motor to supply water to the overhead tank.

Final Words

Do you own residence building, commercial complexes, hotels, hospitals, industries, hostels and are worried about water wastage due to pumping? Here is your one-stop solution at Ktronics we guide you to buy the best water level controllers.

water level controller in chennai

Ktronics who have the power to innovate in a unique idea specialize in making wireless water level Controller the system it’s functioning defines the circuit about the wireless water level controller in Chennai. The maximum range of the circuit is up to 6000 meters without anyone doing. It can be used anywhere to get alert about the required water level. The circuit is portable and wireless and simple from the pestering of wiring. It can be helped to make alert about the water tank level indicator and also pools

We have developed a unique method to control multiple pumps such as Sump and bore pumps together in a single system.


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Our product results in water saving as it controls water overflow and also requires less electricity usage which reduces the electricity bill

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