The success and endurance of automatic water level controllers and indicators in Chennai and Tamilnadu depend on the design and quality of the parts. In addition to ensuring these factors, you must avoid the common mistakes that are committed while installing your water tank level controller and indicators in Chennai.

The Common Mistakes to Avoid While Getting Your water tank level controller and indicators in Chennai

  1. Not having a clear idea of the motor

There are two common types of AC water motor, namely, Jet Pump and Submersible Pump. The water level controller manufacturing company in Chennai that you choose must be aware of your motor’s power consumption, to avoid incompatibility.

  1. Failure to adopt the right method of water level controlling

It is important that you focus more on the features available with the water level controller and the methods rather than the price factor alone.

  1. Negligence about the type of sensor used and its availability

Depending on the water quality and cost, contact or non-contact type sensors will have to be used. You must be aware of whether or not the sensor will be available in the future.

  1. Not getting insights into the quality of water

The quality of water is directly proportional to the sensor getting damaged in the long run. You must have a clear understanding of the water quality before choosing your water tank level controller and indicators in Chennai.

  1. Forgetting to clean the sensors

Maintaining the sensors in good condition by frequent cleaning process is important. Not all users are aware of the significance of cleaning the sensors. Ideally, sensors must be checked and cleaned periodically.

  1. Not using proper materials

The automatic water level controllers and indicators system comprises several parts such as switches and connectors. You must make sure that each product is sturdy and long-lasting.

  1. Unsound wiring may lead to failure

Wiring mistakes during the installation of the pumps and the system or while changing equipment layout may result in contact faults and disconnection. The wiring must be reliable, and it must be checked thoroughly.

  1. Failure to select the water level controller according to the application

Different applications require different types of water level controller. You must first select the water level controller that serves your purpose. Failing this will lead to poor efficiency.

  1. Not selecting the appropriate electrode holder

The electrode holder must be chosen according to the quality of water and the environment. A random selection will lead to the early failure of the electrode.

  1. Not considering the dimensions of the tank or well

There are different types and shapes of water tanks and wells. The dimensions of the tank are important to achieve the accuracy of the sensor. Ensure that your sensor has the capability to calculate accuracy.


To be able to avoid the potential mistakes related to your water level controller, you must partner with an experienced and skilled water level controller manufacturing company in Chennai.

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